Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Son - Future President

I had written a post a while back about the decision to put my son in dance.  Fast forward a bit, he loves it. He stole the show at the recital last June.  I would over hear people talking about the cute little chef. People commented on the studio's Facebook page about his performance.

Now his teacher is trying to top that number.  They are dancing to a Frank Sinatra song. She thought maybe we should put him in a tuxedo for this year's recital. He asked me what that was, so I showed him this picture.  
He looked skeptical, so I figured he needed a better reference point. I Googled Frank Sinatra in a tuxedo, but the images skewed towards older Frank.
And then of course there was the famous mug shot that popped up. 
So my son in his infinite wisdom, says 
"I don't want to look like that guy.  I want to look like Obama."
I think he is onto something.  
Really, as a mother, would you rather your son be a member of the Rat Pack?
Or President?  

Either way though, the dance lessons will come in handy, I'm sure. 
But, for now,  he looked pretty cute in his white tuxedo.