Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Twinados

     There is a new sci-fi phenomenon called Sharknado.  I haven't actually seen the movie, but I would venture to bet my twins are far more destructive.  They have earned their nicknames, The Twinados and Los Terramotitos, which in Spanish means the little earth quakes.
    People have said that I should write a parenting book.  I'm not sure that I'm the best role model, however, I provide my Facebook Friends with much amusement.  As time goes by, I would have thought that the destruction would ebb, but no.  Half of these were from the past 6 months.

"What I thought was a blue-green algae problem in our aquarium turned out to be 2 markers thrown into the tank by a certain 4 year old little boy."

I had put my children to bed. After an hour or so passed, MJ just walked into my bedroom covered in honey. HONEY of all things. I can't make this stuff up. Why did they have honey in their room? Maybe a Pooh homage? Or a reenactment of a scene from the "Parent Trap".

Once upon a time on a very snowy day, a certain little boy made it snow inside the house.

I can't walk yet, but I can sure climb, especially if cookies are involved.

They won't miss just a couple of grapes. 

I bought the Gyro bowls in hopes that less food would find it's way onto the floor.
Final Score:

Twinadoes - 57
Gyro Bowl - 1

We were coloring before nap time.  After I put the twins down, I noticed several markers were gone.  I looked under the table, then under the radiators, finding absolutely nothing.  Then when they woke up I found this.  My daughter had stuck a number of markers into her jammies to smuggle them up to her room, like a prisoner at Shawshank would smuggle contraband. 


Guys, Mommy needs those for the lesson she is teaching tomorrow . . . okay just one more each.  No, no more. Sigh I give up, I'll just stop at the store on the way to school.  

I try to be the fun mom.  Really I do.  I so wanted to get a ginormous pumpkin and take a picture of one of them sitting inside it.  This was all I got.  

This was our only shot to get pictures of our kids on a card.

Antonio: OMG get me down
Aurora: is he really Santa?
Mariella: SHH it's Santa

Antonio: Where's my blankie?
Aurora: Zhuzhu pets, Legos, leap pad and and . . .
Mariella: Relax Toto

Antonio: Thank you mommy, about that blankie, daddy?
Aurora: Santa don't forget, Barbie
Mariella: can I have a cookie now?

As I stood in line at Time Warner Cable to exchange this remote, the twins were all over the place.  I could barely keep a straight face as I told the clerk "It just suddenly stopped working." 

This is an entire bottle of shampoo.  It gives new meaning to the phrase "carpet shampoo".


This also was the work of the twinados.

But then they are so good sometimes, people think I'm crazy. Don't let this picture fool you.